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Quality Gaggenau Appliances – From Germany To Sydney

With Gaggenau appliances, you can expect quality products that marry skilled and precise craftsmanship with breathtaking design sensibilities. They are known for having spearheaded several of the evolving trends in the home appliance industry, taking on a pioneering role with their range of innovative products and all rounded approach to product design.

Their dedication towards the constant search for the best solution, drives their success and sets Gaggenau appliances apart from their competitors in Sydney and internationally. Gaggenau is one of the many premium brands stocked at Whitfords.

Gaggenau Sydney At Whitfords, you can expect nothing less than the best from our home appliances.

Design Philosophy

Gaggenau prides itself with sophisticated product design, and ensures that all Gaggenau appliances are designed with the effect they will have on the room in mind. This couldn’t be more relevant in a contemporary Sydney household.

With this commitment towards breaking moulds and challenging established ideas, Gaggenau appliances have often tended towards the avant-garde. Their design philosophy is deeply steeped in four core values: authenticity, sculpture, present-ness, and generosity. It is with these values that their ovens, refrigerators, and cooktops have evolved to set standards in the home appliance industry in Sydney, and across the world.


Gaggenau appliances are authentic in their make, with great care taken to ensure the use of aesthetic and durable materials such as stainless steel, brass, cast iron, enamel, glass, and aluminum.


As kitchens have slowly evolved to become architectural center pieces of the home, their designers have turned towards sculpture for inspiration. Taking their lead from sculptural philosophies, Gaggenau appliances embody form that streamline functionality.


With this brand, cutting edge technology is prioritised, while taking on board ever evolving design trends. They constantly challenge themselves to remain not just relevant but ahead of the fast paced home appliance industry. This ensures that when you invest in Gaggenau appliances, you are investing in quality.


In the pursuit of optimal end user experience, Gaggenau endeavors to be generous in all aspects of their products, ensuring not just excellence in their design and craftsmanship, but a product that truly suits your lifestyle.

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